The political platform of Southern Mongolia Congress

The political platform of Southern Mongolia Congress

1.The parties, organizations and individuals participated in Southern Mongolia Congress, strive for Southern Mongolia People’s political rights and common interests as their approaches and establish an equal and justice Southern Mongolia Society as their purpose by following UN Charter , Declaration, Resolution and Decision.

2. To contribute our efforts to establish an equal, democratic, legal society for Southern Mongolia, we strongly fight against the behaviors of depriving private property and political rights. The freedom of market economy, expression, press, publication and academy should be protected legally.

3. Guard the dignity of Southern Mongolia, cultural renaissance, ethnic culture and freedom of religious belief. Fight resolutely against the behaviors of discrimination, insult and degeneration of Southern ethnic culture.

4. As the purpose of objecting han chauvinism and ultranationalism and establishing the humanitarism rational society , we strongly object the autocracy and advocate political pluralization. Based on the political principle of multi-party competition, we advocate the Southern Mongolia unity and solidarity and build Southern Mongolia community.

5. The Southern Mongolia people should break away from colonial administration such as foreign political repression, economic aggression and cultural assimilation, as well as reinforce Mongolia ethnic solidarity and the long history of cultural exchange. We strive for establishing an democratic, equal, human rights and impartial society, being the master of one’s own affairs and enjoying the right of a happiness life in Southern Mongolia.