”Research Conference on South Mongolia Issues – What is happening in South Mongolia today?”

【10/9/2023Nara, Japan 】”Research Conference on Southern Mongolia Issues – What is happening in South Mongolia today?” Minister Takaichi pointed out that Japan should contribute as much as possible to Mongolians. Takaichi Sanae, the Minister of Economic Security, is also the head of the Parliamentary Union for the Support of South Mongolia. she stated that the Japanese should realize that the “Human rights concerns are a matter that belongs to each of us”. We emphasized our historical connection with Mongolia and Mongolians, and we conveyed our strong support from the Japanese side to the southern Mongolians who were present at the meeting.

Mrs. Sanae Takaichi’s introduction– From the Koizumi administration to the Fukuda, Abe, and Kishida administrations, she was appointed as a minister 11 times, and she was appointed as the Minister of Internal Affairs 5 times (making her the longest-serving minister in history in this service).Also, she is the most probable candidate for the upcoming Liberal Democratic Party presidential election. Current position:Minister of Economic Security,The Cabinet Office’s Extraordinary Minister (Intellectual Property Strategy, Science and Technology Policy, Space Policy, Economic Security)