Chinese Government Must Immediately Stop Cultural Genocide Depriving Southern Mongolians of Their Native Language

Chinese Government Must Immediately Stop Cultural Genocide Depriving Southern Mongolians of Their Native Language

According to press reports, Chinese President Xi Jinping toured Southern Mongolia (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region) on June 7 and 8, instructing cadres in the autonomous region that they must “focus on strengthening the sense of community of the Chinese nation” and that school education should “fully promote the use of nationally standardized teaching materials.

 The concept of the “Chinese nation” as advocated by the Han Chinese was originally non-existent, and is an expression of their intention to deny the cultural and historical traditions of the Mongols and all other ethnic groups living in China and place them under Han Chinese rule. In addition, “the use of national unified teaching materials” means that all school education in Southern Mongolia will be conducted exclusively in the Han language. This is a cultural genocide intended to deprive us Mongolians of our history, culture, and faith by depriving us of our mother tongue and language.

We Southern Mongolians have been deprived of our right to national self-determination since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, deprived of our lives during the Cultural Revolution through genocide, deprived of our grasslands through environmental pollution and forced resource plundering, and finally, we have suffered cultural genocide through the deprivation of our mother language.

In the 20th century, the world has experienced many genocides by totalitarian regimes. In reflection, the international community should have established various human rights treaties and international laws. If the genocide by the Chinese government is not stopped now, the world will repeat the same mistakes again.

We protest the genocide by the Chinese government and appeal to the Chinese government and the international community to

1. The Chinese government should immediately stop the cultural genocide in Southern Mongolia and recognize Mongolian language education in schools as a natural right of the Mongolian people.

2. The international community should take all possible measures, including economic sanctions, against the Chinese government to stop the genocide in China.

3. China, a genocidal state, is not qualified to be a member of the UN Security Council. The UN should expel China from the Security Council unless China’s policy improves.

4. The Japanese government should protest China’s genocide policy and unjust detention of Japanese citizens and call for international sanctions against China.

June 22, 2023

South Mongolia Congress

Asian Solidarity Council for Freedom and Democracy