1. Oppose CPC’s autocracy against Southern Mongolia and organize effective resistance to achieve national self-determination in South Mongolia.

2. Oppose Chinese Communism and Han Chauvinism and advocate universal value such as freedom, democracy, human rights and rule of law to implement movement in non-violent means.

3. To awake the youth’s consciousness of new era and strengthen the Southern Mongolia’s democratic movement by utilizing of “We Media”, Internet and other information medium positively. The report of the situation in Southern Mongolia will be periodically released to the democratic states’ parliaments, EU and United Nations Human Rights Council. We will accuse CPC of opposing Southern Mongolia and gain the international communities’ understanding and support.

4. Before the Second World Southern Mongolian Congress Convenes, the Southern Mongolia Human Rights Report will be released to the public, which will reveal CPC’s aggression and persecution against Southern Mongolia from the latter half of the 20th Century until now.

5. To record CPC’s Genocide against Southern Mongolian people in the period of the Cultural Revolution to the world heritage list of UNESCO.

6. To lodge a suit against Chinese government at the International Criminal Court for a crime against humanity that they had planned the Genocide to Southern Mongolia in the Cultural Revolution.

7. To establish a good relationship with the world democratic countries. Based in Japan and Taiwan, we will enhance the cooperation with Tibet government in exile, WUC, HK’s democratization movement and overseas Chinese democratization movement organizations. We will make great efforts for the early realization of national self-determination, freedom, peace and happiness in Southern Mongolia.

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