Appeal to Southern Mongolians

Appeal to Southern Mongolians

As we all know, the outbreak of the COVID-19 (Wuhan Virus) in December 2019 has not only brought unprecedented disasters to mankind, caused huge losses to the world economy, but also affected the lifestyles of people around the world. Governments around the world should join forces to hold the CCP accountable and eliminate the CCP regime. This will change the destiny of our southern Mongolians, and enter a new historical stage.

For various reasons, the Southern Mongolians have been ruled by the CCP since the middle of the 20th century and suffered brutal suppression. In the name of “socialist public ownership,” the CCP deprives the southern Mongolians of pasture, livestock, and property, destroys the grassland ecology and cultural ecology, plunders all resources of southern Mongolia, and defeats the national economic foundation. The CCP forced the Southern Mongolians to receive “socialist and communist” education and controlled the southern Mongolian ideology, burned temples, persecuted lamas, forced the indoctrination of Marxism and atheism, persecuted national heroes and intellectuals, and allowed the Mongols to succumb to the CCP dictatorship regime. Now that the Southern Mongolians are in debt and empty of spirit, the Mongolian public officials have been suppressed by the CCP, and intellectuals brainwashed. The Communist Party of China has also promulgated various laws to destroy Mongolian language and folklore, implement a no-pastoral policy, and only want grab land from herdsmen.

Our country, territory, and generations have been suppressed and darkly ruled by the CCP, but countries in the world have not helped us. Later, Uyghurs and Tibetans also suffered CCP’s colonial rule, and no one helped, neither. Now the people of Hong Kong are repeating our tragic fate, but the country headed by the United States upholds justice and supports the struggle of the people of Hong Kong, while beginning to pay attention to the Uyghur and Tibet issues. Now that the CCP violates the security of developed countries, it conducts political and cultural penetration, steals economic intelligence, destroys its values, and spreads “the CCP virus” to the world, triggering a war without smoke and fully exposing its hegemonic ambitions. The CCP’s crime against humanity is bound to be strongly condemned by all countries in the world, and the CCP’s regime must be destroyed.

Now that the CCP regime is struggling to make its final struggle, the Southern Mongolian Congress hopes that the Southern Mongolians will watch the changes, prevent the infection of the virus, ensure their own safety, strengthen their sense of ownership, and welcome the arrival of the new era. The Southern Mongolian Congress call on the southern Mongolians to master their own destiny. The Southern Mongolian Congress will always be with you, support your just struggle, and stand ready to sacrifice for the struggle for national freedom. Southern Mongolian Congress hopes that the vast majority of Southern Mongolians should have a clear picture of the current situation,break up with the CCP’ s dictatorship, and be immersed in the resistance of the Southern Mongolian people.

Southern Mongolian Congress

April 16, 2020