Respected Penpa Tsering, President of Central Tibetan Administration

Respected Penpa Tsering, President of Central Tibetan Administration :

All members of Southern Mongolia Congress and our Mongolian compatriots are extremely glad to learn that you have been elected as the President of Central Tibetan Administration.Hereby, congratulations to express our sincere brotherhood. At this time of great changes in the world, I hope that the Tibetan people, nurtured by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and under the guidance of the Central Tibetan Administration headed by you, will make more brilliant achievements. Let the Tibetan people end the status quo and make greater strides in the great cause of freedom, and embrace a brighter future. On this occasion, we, Southern Mongolia Congress , thank you very much for your attention, concern and support for our Southern Mongolia cause. In the golden autumn of October 2015, delegation of Preparatory Committee for Southern Mongolian Congress visited Dharamsala for the first time. We worshiped His Holiness and received his sacred blessings. At the same time, we also formally established a relationship with the Central Tibetan Administration. At that time, we were overjoyed. We thought that our trip to Dharamsala was like a journey to get the scripture from the Western Heaven. During that visit, you led all the staff of the Standing Committee of Central Tibetan Administration to welcome us warmly, which is really unforgettable. We are also very grateful to the then Minister of Foreign Affairs of Central Tibetan Administration for his warm reception and hospitality. What is more unforgettable for us is that through the careful arrangement of the Secretary General Tsegyam, we have the opportunity to meet and have a warm conversation with His Holiness and receive his sincere blessing and entrustment. In Dharamsala, we witnessed the remarkable achievements of the Tibetan people under the leadership of His Holiness. Through the visits arranged by Central Tibetan Administration, we saw Tibet’s tremendous soft power and at the same time felt the profound friendship of the Tibetan people towards the people of Southern Mongolia. We pray for the health and longevity of His Holiness. We hope that His Holiness’s light will not only illuminate the freedom of the Tibetan people, but also lighten the steady progress of our freedom in Southern Mongolia. Finally, we hope to further strengthen ties and cooperation with the Central Tibetan Administration and various related agencies under your leadership, and work hand in hand to move towards our bright future. I wish you health and family happiness!

Southern Mongolia Congress  President Shobchuud Temtselt

May 26, 2021